Jul 02, 2021

Dexter Jackson also known as ‘The Blade’ is an American IFFB professional bodybuilder. He participated in many competitions and the biggest win in his career was the win in 2008 where he beat Jay Cutler for the title and wins his first ever Mr Olympia competition. His first competition was the NPC Southern States Championships in 1992. In that competition he ranked number 3. In 2007 Mr Olympia competition he was at 3rd spot and every body was saying that it was his original position and not go further up from here but in 2008 he shocked every body when he won the Mr Olympia title by beating Jay Cutler. He became only the 12th man to win the title in the history of bodybuilding. 2008 was a great year for Dexter Jackson. He won many competition including:

Arnold Classic
Australian Pro Grand Prix VIII
New Zealand Grand Prix
Russian Grand Prix
Mr Olympia

It was a great moment for the great most consistent bodybuilder Dexter Jackson, a late Saturday night, with the placings of the 17 other competitors participating in the Mr. Olympia 2008 already decided, the two men still awaiting their fate walked to the center stage. One who had been there many times before, and one who until this year never imagined he would. And in the end, after 10 years and 47 contests, Dexter Jackson finally rose to the top of the sport by toppling two-time and reigning champion Jay Cutler on the way to the biggest win of his career.

“I was praying,” Jackson said. “I was undecided on if I would actually win tonight. I knew I deserved to win but I didn’t think I would. This sport is full of surprises. I’m just in shock right now. I’ve been dreaming about this moment since I started bodybuilding. I never thought it would happen.”

Jay said: “I feel a little sad but I have to be happy for Dexter because I know what it’s like to win,” Cutler said. “He didn’t believe he could win when we were standing there. You win some you lose some. He looked better than me last night and I obviously had too much ground to cover tonight. It makes the Olympia a little more interesting, we’ve had those years where its the same guys winning all the time, it just sucks that I have to be the guy who gets defeated so quickly. But that’s what makes me who I am.”