Beta Ecdhysterone


Beta Ecdhysterone

Beta Ecdhysterone

-Lean Muscle Gains 

-Muscle Recovery 

-Energy levels up

-Natural Plant Based Ingredient



Product Info


Thalacy Beta Ecdysterone is specially made with plant-based ingredient to help you make the most of your time in the gym. Beta Ecdysterone good for lean muscle mass*, along with overall wellness*. Our softgels that can be taken along with daily meals for maximum absorption*.
Thalacy promise 98% purity and greater bioavailability than typical ecdysterone supplements. Every workout will be fully performed, and muscle tissue and skeleton protein synthesis will go far beyond the original results with exercise alone. Ensure your body is leaner, muscle size bigger, and build yourself stronger.
No unpleasant taste; All-natural formula; Does not contain dairy, sugar, Soy Lecithin and NON-GMO.

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Nutrition Facts

Nutritional Facts